Learning Together In God's World

We show respect by caring for others and our school.
We show hope by believing in ourselves and others.
We show courage by always making the right choice.
We show friendship by working together and including others.

We show honesty by always telling the truth.
We show perseverance by trying our best and never giving up.
We show thankfulness by celebrating how special we are and not taking things for granted.
We show responsibility by keeping ourselves and other safe.

With God's Love at our roots, we nurture and guide every unique individual to grow in a caring and secure Christian environment.

E-safety is important for every parent and child to be aware of. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our policy which you can access here. There is also an excellent and detailed Vodafone E-safety guide here. (Please note this is a large pdf file.)


Here at St Anne's we put ICT at the heart of the children's learning and recognise the importance of all children being safe in the digital world. Please find more information below which we also use to support E-safety in school. In February, the whole school discussed E-safety and completed related activities. Each year, every child is asked to sign an Acceptable Use Policy to ensure the importance of online and digital safety is understood both for use throughout the school and at home. 




For 5 - 7 years




This includes an excellent animation called Lee and Kim’s Adventures which highlights the first E Safety lessons for this age group. There are also lots of fun activities supporting this animation. Hector's World is another animation on this site for young children – in addition to the cartoons you can also download a character out of Hector's World, which children can click on (and it closes down the screen with a pretty screen saver) should anything upsetting ever appear on their computer.


For 8 - 10 years




This section has a cool cyber café which gives interactive E Safety messages – there are also lots and lots of educational games for young people to play. It gives good clear advice about how to have fun, stay in control and report abuse when necessary.


For parents and carers





For more information about bullying, please also visit the website below and take a look at our Anti-Bullying Policy in the Policies section of our website.