Learning Together In God's World

We show respect by caring for others and our school.
We show hope by believing in ourselves and others.
We show courage by always making the right choice.
We show friendship by working together and including others.

We show honesty by always telling the truth.
We show perseverance by trying our best and never giving up.
We show thankfulness by celebrating how special we are and not taking things for granted.
We show responsibility by keeping ourselves and other safe.

With God's Love at our roots, we nurture and guide every unique individual to grow in a caring and secure Christian environment.

Welcome to Year 3 - Miss Lees.




On Spanish Day we compared the artists Picasso and Dali and created our own works inspired by their art. We enjoyed some traditional Spanish food and even tried some beginners flamenco footwork! 

We had an exciting morning training as circus performers to lead us into our new class text 'Leon and the Place Between'.  

Year three designed and made clay pencil holders to sell at the Summer Fair. We made them in the shape of owls for the Oldham Owl and also

in the shape of hedgehogs. Some children made clay hanging decorations and others made bracelets to also sell on our stall. We think they all did a great job! 

This week we have worked hard on doubling and halving in Maths. We enjoyed taking our Maths learning outside to practice using partitioning to double a range of numbers. 

Science Week

We started the week by making an exploding volcano, following on from our Geography work last half term. 

We began our new topic Magnets and Forces. We sorted magnetic and non-magnetic materials and created a maze for a magnet-powered car. We looked into the forces push and pull using freeze frames and we tested the friction of different materials. 

We worked with children from Reception class to design and create shadow puppet theatres. 

We made tin foil action figures and used a torch to draw around their shadow. 

There was fun and learning had by all! 

Year three have developed their map reading and team work skills in Orienteering.

We made some unusual drinks for Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker's Peach Party as part of Capacity in Maths.

In Geography and Art we have been exploring volcanoes. 

Investigating 3D shapes

Planting cress seeds

For our new Science topic 'Plants' we looked at the different parts of plants and what their jobs are.

We had fun making our Easter cards.

To finish our Science topic 'Rocks' we learnt about how soil is formed and made our own compost bin wormeries!

Experience Easter at St. Anne's Church

Year three have been working hard investigating right angles, finding angles in 2D shapes and using angles as turns to write a set of directions. 

We enjoyed reading The Day the Crayons Quit on World Book Day. The children wrote a postcard to their chosen crayon to persuade them to come back to their colouring box. We then made a crayon from the story using some craft materials. We all had a fun and enjoyable day! 

Children in year three are really enjoying the topic Rainforests. Here are some information pages that have been worked on in English and some rainforest dioramas that children have produced as a homework task. 

Year 3 had a great day at the National Coal Mining Museum. After a miner took us on an underground tour of the mines, we took part in a Rocks and Fossils workshop where we made our own fossil to take home, met the Pit Ponies and explored the galleries. A fantastic day was had by all! 

Year three became rainforest researchers. Using books, photographs, information pages and websites, children took notes and then organised their notes into paragraphs to write their own information page. 

Year three have enjoyed studying the non fiction text '100 Facts Rainforests' in Guided Reading. They used the index pages to ensure they were using the book effectively and looked up any unfamiliar words in the dictionary. 

Year three have been working on their balancing skills in Gymnastics. 

Year three have been working really hard on fractions in maths.

Year three have been working hard creating pictograms and bar charts and solving problems based on the information presented in them in their first week back at school. 

Year three received a letter from Father Christmas and a sack of carrots from the North Pole! Father Christmas asked if they could sort out the carrots for his reindeers as the elves had not been doing a good job of it! They decided to use the weighing scales and some tape measures to sort the carrots as different reindeer prefer different carrots. All the children did a fantastic job and decided to write a letter to Father Christmas to send back with the carrots. 

To solve the mystery of the missing Christmas pudding, year three worked in groups to solve a range of clues using their maths and problem solving skills. Once they had worked out which elf had stolen the pudding from Santa's workshop they created a Wanted poster. 


Year three received the Posada. We said a prayer and thought about the journey that Mary and Joseph took. Children played a board game in groups which enabled them to think more about the Nativity story. Then we created our own Nativity scene for our classroom. 


As part of the Linking Project, year three met with children from Christ Church school and enjoyed a range of team building activities at the Castleshaw Centre. 


Year three thoroughly enjoyed their morning at church for Experience Harvest. 

Year 3 enjoyed a carousel of maths activities on No Pens Day! They used their knowledge of place value, doubling and halving and multiplication to compete against each other in maths board games.

They worked together in pairs to solve a problem involving aliens and how many legs they might have! 

Year three were transported back in time to the Stone Age! 

We had a great time exploring. 

We used our senses - sight, sound, smell, touch and taste - to begin writing a settings description for a cave. 

In Maths this week we have been estimating a number of objects by grouping them. We have been estimating the missing numbers on a number line using our knowledge of halving to find the midpoint number first. 

We have been identifying verbs and adverbs in our SPaG learning. 

Problem solving in Maths