Learning Together In God's World

We show respect by caring for others and our school.
We show hope by believing in ourselves and others.
We show courage by always making the right choice.
We show friendship by working together and including others.

We show honesty by always telling the truth.
We show perseverance by trying our best and never giving up.
We show thankfulness by celebrating how special we are and not taking things for granted.
We show responsibility by keeping ourselves and other safe.

With God's Love at our roots, we nurture and guide every unique individual to grow in a caring and secure Christian environment.




Our approach to reading.


Staff at St. Anne’s C of E Lydgate Primary School use a structured synthetic phonics programme which is linked to our main reading books from the Oxford Reading Tree.

The core phonics programme is delivered through Floppy’s Phonics, supported by Letters and Sounds, and is augmented by a range of reading books across genres. These books are normally Oxford Reading Tree books though we do support and challenge more able readers with the Rigby Star range of texts. We also use Project X Code, to support and boost those children who may be finding certain areas of reading challenging.

Children also have at least one guided reading session per week when a teacher listens to them and discusses the text to develop their understanding.

Where possible and voluntary adult support allows, there is also a weekly 1:1 reading session for children with reading records used to encourage a home-school partnership approach with parents. Reading records are also used to communicate with parents so progress remains central to our love of learning approach.


Guided Reading

To enable children to become immersed fully in texts, texts are chosen so that they can be used as a basis for teaching during English lessons as well as for Guided Reading sessions across the class.

Children  take part in pre-reading tasks which they  follow up during a guided session with their teacher to develop a deeper understanding, through close questioning and discussion of the focus texts. Activities are planned around the focus texts to enable children to use and apply their higher order questioning skills.


Reading Progression

As children acquire their reading skills they move through our Reading Scheme. The levels within this scheme are indicated by colour.

The EYFS and KS1 progression is:

  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Red                              National expectation end of Reception
  • Yellow                          
  • Light blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Turquoise                   National expectation end of Year 1
  • Purple
  • Gold
  • White                          National expectation end of Year 2

 This is followed by Lime, Ruby and Sapphire that are aimed at giving the children the time and experience of reading many types of stories, information texts and poetry to become confident, independent readers.

The KS2 progression is:

  • White
  • Lime
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Free reading choice