What’s been happening in Year 3?

     In English children have used the text Stone age Boy to rehearse using expanded nouns, adverbs, effective verbs, similes and paragraphs using indentation. Children have written their own improved extracts from the story, before now planning and writing their own Stone Age inspired story. We have used lots of role play to infer character feelings and investigate character motives and actions in detail

     Year 3 have concentrated on using place value up to 3 digits thus far. We are now learning to add and subtract up to 3 digits too. Children are encouraged to use counters, then draw before, being able to mentally perform these calculations. They have learnt to exchange counters for 1 counter from the larger column to the left when a column adds to a digit bigger than 9.

     In the coming weeks we shall earn more about subtraction and exchanging to reduce a number in size.

Mathletics activities that are based on place value on now need to be completed. Children will soon be able to access addition activities (subtraction will then be available in the coming weeks).  Please ensure your child completes these to avoid a back log of activities building up.

     Topic lessons have included art based cave drawings, creating paint using natural materials and also making a fruit based stew. Children have been very active and enthusiastic including learning about the historical site of Stonehenge too. The number of Stone Age tools made as homework is quite a sight to behold in year and they are all on display in class.

If we can help in any way, then please be in touch