Handwriting update

Our aim is for every pupil to develop a comfortable, fluent, legible and attractive style of handwriting.
In order to raise standards of handwriting and presentation for all pupils we are looking to develop a consistent approach to learning handwriting throughout the school. Therefore the decision has been made to teach continuous cursive handwriting to children in Reception.

What is cursive handwriting?
The main features are:
 Each letter starts on the line
 Pupils keep the pencil on the paper giving a very fluent style
 Pupils eventually develop the ability to produce letters without thinking
 The automatic style releases the brain to concentrate on other ideas, for example, spelling, grammar, style, content and syntax


An active multi-sensory approach is used at all stages. Handwriting is a skill which needs to be taught explicitly. Since handwriting is
essentially a movement skill, correct modelling of the style is very important. A mixture of whole class, small group and individual teaching is being carried out daily in Reception.


We have made additions to the formation rhymes handed out at the workshop. Please see the attached changes.