Multi Academy Trust

Sola Fide Multi Academy Trust.

St Chad’s Primary School

Rhodes Avenue,




Telephone number :  01457 875151

Website MATEffective Collaboration Moving to Inter-dependency  – The key to Successful Growth and Development

To gain an understanding about why we chose to form a Multi Academy Trust please click Rationale for MAT

Sola Fide C. of E. Multi Academy Trust is founded on the values and ethos of St. Anne’s C. of E. Primary School.

Leadership is viewed as servant-first not leader-first.  Working in schools provides everyone with a rich source of opportunity within which to serve others.

The Trust operates a non-hierarchical approach and actively encourages the development of personal responsibility through it’s coaching style and ‘ask’ not ‘tell’ culture  …..  as each individual part does its work, the body grows and builds itself up in love.   

To view the Trusts organisational structure please click  Sola Fide Governance  or    Sola Fide Trust    to view statutory documents.

Policies relating to schools within the trust can be found by clicking here.

Schools interested in joining Sola Fide C. of E. Multi Academy Trust are invited to take part in a  4 stage Brokerage-Process For details please contact Mr. Burnley at the above address.