St Anne's

Faith Explorers


Our Faith Explorers group consists of pupils from KS2 and runs for the academic year. Continuing from the collective worship themes and general worship undertaken in school by everyone, we want our children to be able to explore their faith and importantly, any questions they might have about other faiths too. We believe that this encourages pupils to ask questions and empowers pupils to feel safe and able to express themselves with confidence.

The club takes place at lunchtime, once a week and is hosted by Reverend Pat and Mr Gillian.

The children have the opportunity to:

  • Read and write prayers that can be used in a class and assemblies.
  • Explore different biblical teachings.
  • Appreciated the ‘wow’ moments from God and the world around us.
  • Discuss and pray for various topics in the news.
  • Be involved with our existing charity projects.
  • Share ideas about other faiths and religions.


We hope to raise awareness and to give witness to our school mission statement.

St Anne's C of E Lydgate Primary School, Cedar Lane, Grasscroft, Saddleworth, OL4 4DS

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