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Year 6 Summer 1 Newsletter

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Today, Year 6 took their programming skills to another level. They were able to use a online software to code/program their Micro:bit (mini computers) to carry out desired actions. Some children had their Micro:bit displaying 'Hello' messages and some children were able to display different symbols on their mini computers. Year 6 really enjoyed seeing their programming skills in action and through these new, exciting hardware devices!


Trust Football Tournament

Today, 8 members of Year 6 represented St Anne's Lydgate at the Trust Football Tournament. They had an excellent attitude and great sportsmanship and successfully secured the 4th place position. We are extremely proud of every single one of you! What an excellent day it was!


Experience Pentecost

This morning, Year 6 walked to church to take part in Experience Pentecost. They moved around to different stations to fully understand the Christian holiday that celebrates the time that the Holy Spirit descended to the 12 disciples of Jesus. Lots of excellent learning and reflections occurred and some thoughtful questions were asked. Well done Year 6!


Revision Scavenger Hunt

Today, the children went on an outdoor scavenger hunt to find and answer different SATs questions. They supported each other to work out and answer the different questions to help with their revision. 


This morning, the children used an outdoor cone game to test each other on their grammar and punctuation knowledge. They had to support their peers to name and give examples of different grammar terms. Excellent work Year 6!


Child Bishop Saint George's Day Collective Worship

This morning, our Child Bishops, Jack and Max put together and presented an excellent assembly all about Saint George's Day. All the children were really engaged and loved being quizzed at the end to test their listening and understanding. 


WW2 Eden Camp Educational Visit

Today, Year 6 had an amazing day exploring Eden Camp to enhance their learning of WW2. They each came dressed as evacuees and really enjoyed finding out more about what life was like for different people during 1939-1945. 


This afternoon, Year 6 found out about the different views around creation. We started by reading and understanding the first Chapter of Genesis 1, then watched a video all about The Big Bang Theory, we then explored the different viewpoints surrounding the two theories and had a debate to discuss which theory they believed in the most. We had some excellent points added to the discussion! Well done Year 6!

Year 6 Spring 2 Newsletter

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Hallé Orchestra and World Book Day!

Year 6 have had a very busy and exciting week. On Tuesday, we spent the morning at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, watching the amazing HALLÉ FOR YOUTH - Cities of the World Concert and today has been World Book Day, where the children came into school dressed as their favourite books! They clearly all worked extremely hard and should be very proud of themselves!


Dissecting a cows eye and exploring refraction!

Today, we had a visit from a member of staff from Oldham Sixth Form College. The children were able to look at the eye in more detail, discussing the functions and looking more closely at the different parts, as well as having the opportunity to use a light box to explore refraction!


Andy Tooze Poet Visit

Today, we started off our week with a visit from Andy Tooze! Year 6 had an excellent poetry session with him and enjoyed writing poems about their hopes and dreams for the future! We then continued our week using poetry to support our learning in other areas of the curriculum: Science, PSHE and History!


Today, Year 6 practised their serving and volleying with their teams in PE. They have made so much progress since the start of the half-term (we even raised our Volleyball Nets today to challenge them further). 


Educational Science Videos!

Today, Year 6 used their Science knowledge to create short videos, explaining how we see objects because of light. They had lots of fun using the Green Screen to create different science themed backgrounds!


Programming and Sewing!

Year 6 have had a very busy week this week, they have been practising their sewing skills, ready to make their WW2 Badges next week and changing and creating variables in Scratch to program different games and activities. 

Year 6 Spring 1 Newsletter

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Installation of our Year 6 Child Bishops

Today, we had a whole school assembly and a special visit from Bishop Mark to officially install our Year 6 children, Max and Jack, as our Child Bishops.


Science Investigation!

Today, during our Science lesson, Year 6 investigated the question: Is yeast a living microorganism? 


Takeover Day!

Today, the tables turned when the Year 6 pupils took over the school to experience the grown-ups' jobs for the day. 


A very busy week!

What a week we have had! Year 6 have been very busy this week. Alongside their usual learning, they have taken part in an African Drumming Workshop, planting trees and hedges on the school grounds and also led our whole school Remembrance Day Service. Well done for all of your efforts!

Year 6 Autumn 2 Newsletter

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Make the rules day!

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed making the rules today. This afternoon they loved spending time relaxing in their dens! A great way to end the half term!


Year 6: Black History Month Assembly!

Today, we launched the start of Black History Month by leading a whole school assembly, telling everyone about the learning we have done about an inspiration women called Dame Elizabeth Anionwu. 


Guided Reading in the Outdoor Classroom!

Today, we made the most of some good weather and some children in Year 6 enjoyed using the Outdoor Classroom for their guided reading session!


English- Setting the scene...

Today in English, Year 6 used the outdoors and a virtual setting to try to put themselves within an Anglo-Saxon scene. The children came up with lots of excellent vocabulary, which will support them in their writing next week.

Year 6 Autumn 1 Newsletter


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