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WC 15th May - What an exciting week we’ve had in Reception this week! On Monday our 5 chrysalises broke open and out popped our butterflies. The children have enjoyed watching the butterflies and feeding them sugar water, fruit and collecting flowers to pop sugar water on to for the butterflies to feed on. We’ve been working really hard on subtraction in Maths this week, it was very tricky but the children have all tried their best!

WC 9th May - This week we have been learning lots of new words through our class story, Click Clack Moo Cows That Type. We have been using words throughout the day from the story, such as demanded, furious, impatient etc. We then used this story as a stimuli for writing our own letters to Farmer Brown to tell him what we want to do when we visit his farm. In Maths, we have been learning how to add within 10.

WC 2nd May - This week, we have continued our learning all about life cycles and have watched our caterpillars all turn into chrysalises! We have also spent a large part of the week learning all about Kind Charles and the coronation that will take place this weekend. 

WC 24th April - A fabulously busy week in Reception, once again! We have been keeping an eye on our caterpillars, that are much, much bigger this week, compared to last! In Maths, we have been exploring numbers larger than 10, by building, counting and comparing. We have been investigating the life cycle of a frog further this week and we learnt that a frog is an amphibian!

WC 17th April - This week, we have introduced our new topic for the half term, life cycles! The children have been very excited hunting for tadpoles and watching them grow. We also said hello, to our temporary guests... 5 little caterpillars. The children have been exploring in all the areas, making frogs with Play Doh, building frogs with Kinex and exploring the water area looking for frogs.

WC 27th March - We have had an extremely busy week this week, learning all about and celebrating Easter! We enjoyed role playing having a last supper and enjoyed an Easter service at church. We have also enjoyed lots of Easter themed arts and crafts, Maths and Phonics. This week, we also performed our assembly showcasing everything we learnt about how we can protect our planet.

WC 20th March - This week we have been learning all about how we can protect our planet. We looked at recycling, up-cycling, re-using, turning off the tap and light when we're not using them and cycling to school. We spent some time reviving our planter, ready to plant our Sunflower seeds outside and planted some carrot seeds too! In Art, we looked at shadows and how to draw shade in our pictures; it was very tricky be we tried our best to use our pencils to shade from dark to light.

WC 13th March - This week we have been learning all about 3D shapes and repeating patterns. We have been using our Fred fingers to write simple sentences in Phonics and working hard to remember our full stops.

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