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Happy Mother's Day to the special ladies in our lives! :)

World Book Day 2024

Feel Good Friday- 8/3/24

Feel Good Friday- 1/3/24

Happy Friday! :) Here is all of this weeks learning!

Happy Half Term!

Feel Good Friday- 16/2/24

Feel Good Friday 2/2/24

A fun filled week for all the children this week. They have worked so hard with learning how to ride a balance bike in 'bikeability.'

Feel Good Friday 26/01/24

Please click on the link for this week's activities! :)

Marvellous Monday 22/01/24

We have enjoyed learning all about 'Our Wonderful World' in particular, we are focussing on how we can protect it and what it means to recycle. 

We have been learning all about the Arctic, the Antarctic and the oceans. 

Please click on the google link to see all of the photos from this week.

Our Wonderful World

Spring 1

This half term we will be learning all about the Arctic, Antarctic, oceans and all about how we can protect our planet and make it better. 

We will be focusing on recycling and protecting animal's homes and that we can make a difference to our world!

The Final Feel Good Friday of 2023!

Reception has been craft, baking and party central this week!

We have really developed our art skills! 

Happy Christmas to all! :)

Feel Good Friday 15/12/23

This week we have been learning all about the Nativity of our Lord.

We have focussed on developing our drawing skills and have also created our own Christingles.

Local History Church Visit

Our local history study has been linked to World War 1 and, in particular, two brothers who fought and died within a week of each other. 

These brothers, the 'Clegg brothers,' attended St Anne's church, our church!

We have found out all about them and also how our church has changed throughout the years.

Feel Good Friday 18/11/23

We have loved our local history study and learning all about the local church of St Anne's and stained glass windows. 

We have learnt about the Hindu festival of light- Diwali

Remembrance Day has been so wonderful to learn about and we can talk in detail about the different poppies and what they are for.

Feel Good Friday

What a busy week this week!

We have enjoyed learning all about traditions and the season of autumn. We have been visited by Rev Pat and also by an athlete!

Our writing and formation of letters is now greatly improving too! We are working so very hard!

African Drumming

What an amazing experience we have had! We have loved learning all about African drumming, creating and copying our own rhythms and beats and working alongside our year 6 buddies.

Feel Good Friday 13/10/23

This week we have created our own 'family collages.' We have loved looking at all of our class families! We have explored outside during Physical Friday and have spent time jumping in puddles and exploring the weather.

We have bathed the babies and are also continuing to develop our fine motor control by practising writing our name, mark making and also developing the skills we have learnt already by using different scissors to cut the playdough.

Feel Good Friday 6/10/23

We have had a lovely week. 

We celebrated World Peace Day and talked about where our special places are where we feel 'at peace.'

Feel Good Friday 29/09/23

We have continued to learn about different families and have also looked at different types of houses.

Feel Good Friday 22/09/23

We have been learning all about different families and how our families are the same and different to others.

Feel Good Friday 15/09/23

We have had a fantastic first few weeks in our new classroom! We have made so many new friends!

New Reception Transition Days


WC 10th July - Our last Friday of the academic year, and I’m sure you’ll all agree when we say… where has the year gone?! This week has been so much fun, the children enjoyed an angling taster session with the angling society, took part in their first sports day at St Anne’s and had plenty of time exploring the areas. We continued learning about dinosaurs, in particular dinosaur fossils and who Mary Anning was! 

WC 26th June - This week we have been learning all about dinosaurs! We learnt the names of different dinosaurs and we looked at if each dinosaur was a carnivore or a herbivore. In the areas, we carved dinosaurs out of ice, painted our own dinosaurs, made dinosaur skeletons with pasta and built bridges for dinosaurs to cross the Jurassic land. In Maths, we have been learning all about map reading. We created our own map of the local area around school and followed a map of school to find different clues.

WC 19th June - This week has been Humanities week, and we chose the country Iceland to learn about! We looked at glaciers, craters, volcanoes and waterfalls! We wrote our own sentences about volcanoes and drew photos of the Northern Lights using black card and oil pastels. Mrs Winterbottom even played the guitar for us as we learnt some songs related to Iceland!Enter text...

WC 5th June - We have had a brilliant week of learning! We started looking at our new topic, at the seaside, focusing on beach and sun safety. We learnt about the role of a life guard and what equipment they have. In Maths we have been learning all about doubling and the children have blown our socks off! We have been so impressed with the contributions in doubling discussions! Yesterday, we also had a very exciting afternoon, as we had our first tooth for the class pop out! 



WC 15th May - What an exciting week we’ve had in Reception this week! On Monday our 5 chrysalises broke open and out popped our butterflies. The children have enjoyed watching the butterflies and feeding them sugar water, fruit and collecting flowers to pop sugar water on to for the butterflies to feed on. We’ve been working really hard on subtraction in Maths this week, it was very tricky but the children have all tried their best!

WC 9th May - This week we have been learning lots of new words through our class story, Click Clack Moo Cows That Type. We have been using words throughout the day from the story, such as demanded, furious, impatient etc. We then used this story as a stimuli for writing our own letters to Farmer Brown to tell him what we want to do when we visit his farm. In Maths, we have been learning how to add within 10.

WC 2nd May - This week, we have continued our learning all about life cycles and have watched our caterpillars all turn into chrysalises! We have also spent a large part of the week learning all about Kind Charles and the coronation that will take place this weekend. 

WC 24th April - A fabulously busy week in Reception, once again! We have been keeping an eye on our caterpillars, that are much, much bigger this week, compared to last! In Maths, we have been exploring numbers larger than 10, by building, counting and comparing. We have been investigating the life cycle of a frog further this week and we learnt that a frog is an amphibian!

WC 17th April - This week, we have introduced our new topic for the half term, life cycles! The children have been very excited hunting for tadpoles and watching them grow. We also said hello, to our temporary guests... 5 little caterpillars. The children have been exploring in all the areas, making frogs with Play Doh, building frogs with Kinex and exploring the water area looking for frogs.

WC 27th March - We have had an extremely busy week this week, learning all about and celebrating Easter! We enjoyed role playing having a last supper and enjoyed an Easter service at church. We have also enjoyed lots of Easter themed arts and crafts, Maths and Phonics. This week, we also performed our assembly showcasing everything we learnt about how we can protect our planet.

WC 20th March - This week we have been learning all about how we can protect our planet. We looked at recycling, up-cycling, re-using, turning off the tap and light when we're not using them and cycling to school. We spent some time reviving our planter, ready to plant our Sunflower seeds outside and planted some carrot seeds too! In Art, we looked at shadows and how to draw shade in our pictures; it was very tricky be we tried our best to use our pencils to shade from dark to light.

WC 13th March - This week we have been learning all about 3D shapes and repeating patterns. We have been using our Fred fingers to write simple sentences in Phonics and working hard to remember our full stops.

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