St Anne's

Year 3


Poetry Week

To begin our poetry week, we had a very exciting visit from the wonderful Andy Tooze. He inspired us and challenged us to write our own poems about our families and friends. The children did fantastically and wrote beautiful poems full of humour, love and creativity. Well done Year 3! Not only did the children write amazing poems, many were brave enough to read them aloud to the class and even the whole school! We are very excited about what the rest of the week has in store!

Year 3 Spring Newsletter: 

On Thursday 18th January, we had a visit from the Dog's Trust. We learned how to behave safely around dogs. We thoroughly enjoyed our fun and informative session. 

On Tuesday 7th November, we had a very special visitor join us in school and he taught us how to play African drums. We followed along with the rhythm and songs and created some beautiful music. The session ended with a lovely lullaby that was sang for our mothers. Such a wonderful experience that we enjoyed thoroughly. 

On Thursday 2nd November, we had a great time  meeting Paralympian James Ball! Here are some photographs of the children taking part in fitness circuits led by James. Well done to everyone who raised money and those who gained a gold, silver and bronze award. Such a great achievement.  

Year 3 Autumn 2 Newsletter 

Year 3 Autumn 1 Newsletter

W.C. 11th September 2023


On Wednesday 13th September, Year 3 went on a very exciting adventure. We were very lucky to have the only dry, sunny day of the week for our walk at Running Hill Pits in Uppermill! When we arrived at the quarry site, after an uphill walk in the open countryside, we saw cave paintings, a camp fire with wooden drying racks and some Stone Age weapons! We explored the area and discussed what life would have been like for people living in the Stone Age. We discussed how the camp fire and drying racks would have been used for keeping warm, cooking, drying meat and scaring off animals. We explored two pages from the book ‘Stone Age Boy’ which explained the many different tasks that needed to be carried out by people in the Stone Age village, including sharpening flints, making clothes from animal skins and collecting berries to eat. We enjoyed listening to the story ‘The First Drawing’ and drawing onto the rocks ourselves. Then, it was time to walk back down the hill to head back to school.

W.C. 4th September 2023


We had a wonderful first week in Year 3. The children began the week being clue finders and archaeologists. They excavated artefacts in their own dig and explored important historical language. In maths, we have dived into place value and have begun representing numbers in different ways: base 10, partitioning, place value coins and more. In RE, the children wrote their own prayers for different situations that we may face throughout the year; we discovered the importance of prayer and communicating with God. We have had a super week! 


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