St Anne's

Year 3



In our science we have been awaiting the results of our investigation and today we were rewarded! 


Our investigative question was asking about the optimum growing conditions for plants. We set up a set of 5 cress plants all with different variables:

  1. Light and water
  2. Light but no water
  3. Water but no heat. 
  4. Water but no light. 
  5. Water but no light or air. 

Below are the pictures of our cress after one week. 


We came to a variety of conclusions: 

  1. Light and water are the best conditions for a plant to grow. 
  2. Darkness does not stop plants growing but gives them yellow leaves. 
  3. Light is important for photosynthesis. 
  4. A lack of air prevents seeds from growing.  


Last week we began looking at our new topic all about the Rainforest. Before we did this we reminded ourselves all about our learning surrounding maps and mapping. To start with we looked at mapping our journey to school, then looked at the countries, continents, cities and oceans that make up our world. Finally we looked at some new learning about the Equator and the location of the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. The location of these are very important to help our understanding of why tropical rainforests are found where they are. Here are some examples of the maps we created for this learning. 


On Tuesday 28th March as a school we took part in Experience Easter. During the morning we travelled to different classrooms and areas around the school grounds to take part in activities linked to the stations of the cross. Here are some photos to show the activities we took part in. 


This week we have been learning all about Egyptian gods in our history work. We did some research about one of the gods who interested us and then created some creative posters all about what we learned. Have a look at some examples!


Over the last two weeks we have been learning all about the story of the Egyptian Cinderella and we have written some fantastic retells of the story. We have practiced our descriptive writing, tried our best to use speech and make sure that our stories gave our reader as much information as possible.

Here are some excellent examples of our work! 


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