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Year 5

Please find the link below to our Spring 1 half-term news letter.

Mr Casey


Below, you can see an image from this week's making of our carousels! Well done everyone - we will share photographs of final products soon.

This week, in science we tested the conductivity of differing metals using light boxes to record the number of Lumens produced by an electrically powered light bulb. Below you can se Kian setting up the experiment. he was ensuring all the variables were constant apart from the change in the type conducting metal in the circuit. Great Science skills Year 5!

Year 5 have been busy this week creating newspaper reports about the Victorian Workhouse, using division skills in Maths and programming Crumbles in ICT. The girls below are working away to get their circuit working.

Please find the link below to our Autumn 2 half-term news letter.

Mr Casey

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Please find attached our Newsletter for Autumn One.

This will share our class based learning for this half term.

Mr Casey

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